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Our outdoor patio is complete!!

We began construction on our front entrance in April last year & are so happy with the results!

We did all the work ourselves on the days we were closed & our goal was to create a relaxing, peaceful & beautiful space that you can enjoy and reconnect with friends & family. We hope you enjoy it!

Front comparison before.JPG
Front comparison patio.JPG



We are only taking reservations for our patio 24 hours prior to the date because it is weather permitting. 

As we know, sometimes the weather professionals get it wrong...
so please understand that in the event it rains, snows, gets windy, is too sunny, too buggy, too hot, too cold, too muggy or just too outdoorsy...

*We most likely will not be able to move you indoors.
We are unable to hold two tables for each party*

Breaking Ground

First the digging...

Patio Construction

& more digging...

Patio Construction

So many pavers!

Phone Booth

Our red phone booth was refinished and re-painted

Patio Construction

Final Product (before all the flowers and pretty stuff)

Patio Helper

Our daughter Lily was the project manager.

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